About Us



We want to make you feel more than just the thrill of shopping but to make it a whole experience.  

Each piece is carefully selected. Many of the pieces are handmade by artisans and different artists. Royal Vintage is  inclined to select handcrafted items made with materials that come from nature. We offer a great selection of handmade jewelry from different countries of the world; such as Turkey, Nepal, Tibet, Spain, Colombia and Puerto Rico among others.



  Katira the founder of Royal Vintage expresses: "When I am selecting the pieces of jewelry it is the closest thing to a sensual and subtle courtship, the piece calls me, looks for me, falls in love! I can't help it. I can fall in love with pieces of high end designers as well as with the designs of indigenous people in their tribes. Handmade pieces are for me the real jewels. They are full of an energy, a love, a dedication and a story that we become a part of when we wear them. A necklace or any piece of jewelry that we wear touches our body, is very close to our heart and carries our emotions."


We have pieces of  clothing for women of all ages and weights and always taking into account that each woman is unique and and special in her own way. Taking that into account at Royal Vintage we select the pieces herself thinking about our clients and each body type. In Royal Vintage there is something special for every woman who wants to feel beautiful and different.